The proposed portfolio of Green Roof Projects will achieve the following impacts:

GWh/year Clean Power Production

tonnes of CO2-e/year Emissions Avoided

Jobs Created

People Reached

Green Roof wants to play a decisive role in achieving the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) for a better world by 2030. Together these goals constitute a call to action to end poverty, reduce inequality, sustain peace and prosperity, and protect the planet. By generating energy from renewable sources, the Green Roof Projects will displace carbon emissions.

The positive impacts of the Green Roof Projects are contributing towards achieving the following UN SDGs:

Beyond the projects, the Green Roof Giving Back Programme is also contributing to additional UN SDGs. (See more)

Gender Mainstreaming

Consideration of gender equality is integral in all aspects of our work at Green Roof. Green Roof has a Gender Action Plan, which outlines the gender context and actions required for gender mainstreaming in our operations and projects. The Gender Action Plan has three main objectives, which Green Roof is working towards: 

Health, Safety, Social and Environment (HSSE) Policy

The following policy commitments shall be adopted and adhered to throughout the Project. This policy shall be communicated to all Project staff including contractors and sub-contractors and it shall be made available and accessible in local language for external stakeholders. It is the responsibility of every individual working for and on behalf of the Project to adhere to these commitments. A copy of the policy will be displayed at the Project site and at Project offices. Green Roof commits to:

  1. Adopting governance and management arrangements so that Green Roof and the Project activities can be managed in an appropriate, accountable and transparent manner.
  2. Assigning adequate staffing and resources to the Project in order to effectively manage and implement all Project requirements.
  3. Avoiding and otherwise minimising and mitigating the impacts of its activities on local communities and the environment.
  4. Managing Green Roof’s contribution to climate change through efforts to minimize use of fossil fuels; control of emissions to atmosphere, and through energy conservation.
  5. Respecting at all times the human rights of all individuals including all those that work for or on behalf of the project and those who may be affected by the project including members of local communities.
  6. Mainstreaming gender equality in the Green Roof organisation and in all project activities.
  7. Protecting the labour and working conditions of all those working on behalf of and for Green Roof and the health, safety and security of project-affected communities in line with international standards.
  8. Maximising opportunities for positive environmental and social benefits to be realized through the Project.
  9. Monitoring and reporting on HSSE performance in an effort to strive for continuous improvement.
  10. Disclosing accurate and timely project information to its partners and stakeholders.

In order to achieve these outcomes, Green Roof is committed to complying with all legislation and applicable HSSE requirements including good international industry practices and standards for HSSE management, including, but not limited to the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) Performance Standards (“PS”) 2012 on Environmental and Social Sustainability.


Green Roof developed and implementing an IFC-compliant ESMS, which describes the arrangements and requirements for managing environmental, health, safety and social impacts associated with the construction and operation of the Green Roof rooftop solar projects in Vietnam and Indonesia.

The ESMS describes the key actions required to be taken along with the responsible party.  The ESMS applies to Green Roof and to the contactors working on Green Roof’s projects, who shall in turn ensure that the requirements are applied as relevant to all subcontractors.

The ESMS manual provides a structured approach to managing the HSSE issues, risks and impacts associated with projects funded Green Roof in a planned and controlled manner, and ensuring continuous improvement of HSSE performance, by applying the established management cycle of:

  • Plan: Define policies and objectives, identify risks and opportunities, develop action plans and allocate financial and human resources for implementation.
  • Do: Implement action plans with allocated resources.
  • Check: Monitor and evaluate the adequacy of action plans and resources by measuring results against policies and objectives.
  • Act: Implement corrective actions to improve performance.

Green Roof has prepared and is implementing various management programmes and procedures to meet the HSSE commitments and standards adopted for the rooftop solar projects.


We aim for Goal Zero which means no harm to people and no harm to the environment through our activities. We believe Goal Zero is achievable and everyone working for Green Roof strives to achieve this goal each day.

Green Roof and its contractors are required to have a systematic approach to the management of Health, Safety, Security, the Environment (HSSE). We expect all of our employees and contractors to not only comply with the requirements, but to consistently seek ways to improve safety – whether they work at sites or in an office.



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